A psychiatric hospital on the verge of collapse fights for survival against bureaucracy, a disgruntled staff, and its own dangerous patients. Bughouse is a one-hour drama that examines west-ern class structures through the metaphor of the North American mental health system.


Co-producers: La Rue Entertainment


Bangkok: Capital City

BANGKOK CAPITAL CITY is a one-hour drama series that takes us into the exotic lifestyle and intrigues of a group of 20-something expatriates from around the globe living in the premiere suites of “Capital City”, the most exclusive waterfront residence in Bangkok, Thailand.


At the heart of the show lies the unexpected bonds that develop between seven upwardly-mobile residents of the Capital City: EMMA, a Canadian lawyer; JAMES, an American investment banker; MARKUS, a German DJ and music producer; INDY, a Thai pop-star; VIOLETTE, a French super-model; JOEY, a Thai socialite whose family owns the Capital City; and KALINA, an exiled princess.

Production: Fall 2013
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